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Saturday, January 15, 2011

A day with SISTER ELAINE DALTON...General Young Women President

Bishop Murray challenged the U32 ward to complete the YW "Virture Value" along with meeting someone new each Sunday,  fill out My Profile on Mormon.org and give a Book of Mormon to someone.  This group took the challenge and what wonderful experience we shared together on a Saturday morning.

 Group picture w/ Bro. & Sis. Dalton in the Presidents Room of the General Relief Society Building
 Kevin & I with Sister Dalton
In the reception room before meeting with Sister Dalton

For those that completed the challenge met with Sister Elaine Dalton at the General Relief Society Building in the Presidents Room.  We sat in a circle and shared thoughts and testimony with one another.  What a blessing it was to be taught and uplifted by a such a worthy servant who has been chosen to lead the Young Women of the Church.  This truly was a tender and sweet experience as we stood in a "Holy Place".   

Sister Dalton presented the men with a "Gold tie" and the women with a "Gold bracelet".  This is a day that we will never forget.