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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The End to a "Magical Journey"!

Our "Magical Journey" began August 2008.

University 2nd Stake
(Pre-Marriage Stake)
U32 Ward

Bishop Pepper R. Murray
1st counselor... Jeff Crosland
2nd counselor...Kevin W Peay
August 2008-May 2009
Bishop Pepper R. Murray
1st counselor...Kevin W Peay
2nd counselor...Wayne Larsen
May 2009-April 2011
It has been a blessing to serve with these most amazing and wonderful friends.

Our last Sunday at the U of U Institute Bldg where we have attended our Sunday meetings for the past
2 3/4 years.

Our journey has blessed us with 2 weddings...
Josh and Kelli in the Bountiful Temple...3/13/10
Matt and Hayley in the Salt Lake Temple...12/30/10

We have stood in Holy Places...
with Sister Elaine S. Dalton, General Young Women's President, as she spoke to our ward in the Bountiful Temple,  Martins Cove..."The Rescue Party" super activity...pulled handcarts and spent quiet and spiritual time in the "COVE" where the saints took refuge and many died trying to get to the Salt Lake Valley, General Relief Society Building...Presidents Room...with Sister Elaine S Dalton where is presented the women with "Gold Bracelets" and the men with "Gold Ties".  

We were invited to "Come Unto Christ",  complete the YW Virtue Value Experience along with reading the Book of Mormon in 3 months, Dare Mighty Things and the final challenge...to read the New Testament in 3 months ( I am on track to finish the day that Landon returns home from his mission).  

Landon accepted a call to serve 2 years in the Michigan Detroit Mission...he will return home June 1.  Megan has attended Relief Society since she was 15...her and I have enjoyed our time together...we will miss driving past the Temple every week.    

Kevin and I will cherish this time and opportunity that we have had to laugh together, cry together and serve together.  We have been uplifted and edified by these wonderful Young Single Adults.  Our testimonies have been strengthened, we have come to know our Savior in a more personal way and eternal friendships have been formed.

As this journey comes to an End we are grateful and will cherish every moment!
As Grandpa Peay would say

Friday, April 22, 2011

Weber State University...Graduation!

Joshua T. Peay received his Associate Degree in Radiologic Sciences. 
We are so proud of your accomplishment.  You have worked hard.
Love the Purple...

Grandma Peay
 Grandpa & Grandma Jones
 Dad, Josh, Mom
 Kathi & Hal Bradshaw (In-Laws)
 Josh and Kelli

Thanks Kelli for your love and support.

 Thumbs UP!

Josh will be back in Black...2012!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Today was a BIG day for JOSH...

He took his Radiology Boards and PASSED!

He will graduate on Friday with an Associates Degree from Weber State University.

The second big event of the day was being honored at the Fruit Heights City Council Meeting tonight along with Bro. Lloyd for their lifesaving efforts on March 20, 2011.  While in Sunday School, a ward member, Brother Passey had a heart attack.  Josh jumped into action and began CPR until paramedics arrived.  He then assisted until they had him stable and  ready to transport.  The efforts of these 2 men allowed Brother Passey to have 2 more days on this earth and spend time with his family.

Josh we are so proud!
Certificate of Appreciation

 The Sherriff presenting the award.
 Fruit Heights Mayor

 Brother Lloyd 
Sister Passey (brother Passeys wife) 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dancing Ushers...half time at the Utah Jazz game

Kevin joined the dancing ushers...
shake, shake, shake
shake your bootie!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Easter Time...

The Peay family annual Winnie Roast and Easter egg hunt.
It was a cold drizzely day, but that did't stop the fun.
We set up the tables, chairs and food in the big garage and did what we do best...EAT!
 The "Big Fire"
 Monica roasting hot dogs
 Kim and Alton
 Egg coloring
 Kyler showing off his green egg
 You're never to old color Easter eggs
All the kids after the Easter egg hunt.

Happy Easter!