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Saturday, February 4, 2012

VOCAL POINT a cappella Concert...

...in the Legacy Theatre at the Conference Center.

Three years ago Landon worked behind the scenes of "Savior of The World" as a member of the stage crew. He was responsible for the mic's and making sure that they were ready and given to the cast members.   Every night he would come home and express his desire to perform on "that" stage...little did he know that someday that dream would come true, but not as he expected.   

Today was "that" day... 
on stage with his own mic! 

So excited to see our "Landon"

In our seats and ready for the show to begin.

No picture or video during the performance :{
So we had to wait until after to get some pictures.
 Our "Favorite" Vocal Point Member!!!

Enjoyed a wonderful day as we attended the "VOCAL POINT" concert in the Legacy Theatre at the Conference Center. Landon's first public performance with the group. Wow! One month to learn 17 songs and choreography with 2 hr rehearsals 3 days a week, early mornings and Saturdays...along with school, studies and working at the MTC 20 hrs of week.  Landon can really move-it and groove-it! It was such a thrill to see him on stage doing what he loves...singing, dancing, smiling and making a difference one note, one step and one smile at a time!  

Landon...Your Family is so Proud of You!