aka..."Peay Peoples"

All Together at Last!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Friday, July 22

The Bountiful Pioneer Celebration Parade.  
The fastest parade...1 hour.
G Jones bought Arby's for dinner.

Afterwards we gathered at G Jones for popsicles.  Then headed to watch the fireworks....which were awesome and lasted 35 minutes.

Saturday, July 23
What should be do today?  Answer:  Let's go to the canyon for a horse ride.  OK...let's do it!
So we loaded the car and off we headed to pick up the horse trailer, 3 horses and up AF Canyon for an afternoon of adventure.
 Nothing like a hot dog over the fire!

Kevin trying to light the fire.
 Megan working on a bracelet while waiting to ride.
 Josh and Kelli
 The Family...
 Dad and Matt
All the BOYZ!

 Landon, Matt, Megan
Kelli showing off the yummy hot dog...

Monday, July 25

LAGOON..It's Tradition!
Every year the Peay's gather at Uncle Don and Aunt Sharrons for a day of fun in the sun, rides, food, etc.  We love to eat and play together!  The memory card was full after this picture...so this is the only documentation of the day.
Megan with Kayla and Kyler.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's RODEO time...

Days of "47 Rodeo at the Maverick Center.
 Our dear friend "Pepper Murray" was honored as a "HERO".  He is and has been the head medical guy for this Rodeo for a number of years.  (He's the one in the Black Shirt.) 
 We are a "Rodeo Lovin" family.
Missing: Kelli, Matt & Hayley

A great night with those we love...

Sunday, July 17, 2011


The Road Trip...
Jac, Mylee, Megan

Venice Beach
 Beach Volleyball....we named it "Wilson"
Kevin & Cindy enjoying the ocean breeze.
Balboa Island
 It's traditon...we love this place.  It's a cool street with lot's of fun shops.
Famous for the Frozen Banana

Huntington Beach

Love me some Beach Volleyball

Although this was a Softball Tourn. in Irvine,CA we found a way to have fun shopping, eating, beaching in between games.  The girls went 2-2-1 in pool play.  Megan pitched a no hitter/shut out with 11 KO's for the win 10-0 against So Cal Rebels.  We had perfect weather 70-75.  We finished on Saturday after 2 bracket losses and began the journey home.  We stopped in St George for the night at Don/Sharron "Cottage".

Next "Sting" stop... Illinois for Nationals.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July in American Fork Canyon...

Setting up camp for the weekend at Little Mill Campground

Breakfast time...
Mountain Man Burritos

Umm, Umm, Good!

Ready to hit the lake after 2 years...

Matt & Hayley

Megan on Silver

Landon on Dimples

A gorgeous view from the transfer station


Landon and Mom

Mom and Landon at Silver Lake

 Landon doing what he loves...fly fishing
 A moose on the side of the road
 Sunday afternoon nap...
 in the shade by the river

 Sunday night dinner by the fire
 Hayleys family the Folsom's joined us
 The Camp Chef...preparing fajitas

  Aunt Cheri & Grandma Peay

Alton, Kim, Alisha, Lance, Libby, London

 Early morning fly fishing on Silver Lake...
he caught 2 fish!

Our Camp Site #20
 Everything packed and ready to head home.
 Landon is missing from the picture because he had to leave early to go to work.
Josh and Kelli...you were missed!
We love our famliy...and being together means the world to us!

We had a great weekend with cherished memories.  Everywhere we turned there was a memory of Grandpa Peay...and we are so grateful for those memories!