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All Together at Last!

Monday, October 31, 2011


At the Office...

An X-ray in to their stomachs!
 Kelli, Josh & Mom
The Deer Hunter caught his deer... Cam, Whitney and Mia
 Cathy, Grandma Jones, Collie
 The deer hunter and his catch...Hayley & Matt
Hayley, Matt, Mom
Megan..NERD.. and her roommate Paige..CORILLA DEVILE

Soups on at G&G Jones!

Friday, October 28, 2011

2011...Men in Orange

Early morning, horses, egg sandwiches wrapped in foil, being together, walking, riding, leg cramps and memories.  Thanks Grandpa Peay...you made it look easy!

"Its' a lot of work being my Dad"...KEVIN..."but so worth it"!

It's that time again for the annual "Deer Hunt"...
and they're ready to find the beef!

The 3 mighty hunters proud of the catch!
It was a Team effort to get this "4 Point" 

WAY TO GO BROTHERS...It's been a while!  Josh tagged this one.
Which means Matt still has his tag for more hunting.
Grandpa Peay must have been by your side...no doubt!


Matt and his cousin Nate decided to join forces and do a road hunt after work.
Can you believe it...Yes... another deer!

Matt with his "2 point"
Of course it looked bigger through the scope.
Lincoln and Ian showing off the prize.
Love these boyz

Wow...the "deer angels" must have been with our guys.
 It's been a few years since they got 1 let alone 2.

2011 Deer Hunt a success!


Friday, October 21, 2011


Looking forward to a great fall season...

And then everything changed...

Wounded Team-mates...Kelli and Megan

On Wed. October 12...while at practice...Megan dove for a ball in the outfield, caught it, came down and a shot of pain came over her left shoulder.  She knew at that moment that it was not good.  Once the trainer got to her she was able to roll over and begin to sit up... it popped back into place.  
YES...it was a DISLOCATION. 

It was determined that she would need surgery to repair the damage.  1 week later  on Thurs. October 20, Megan was greeted by the "Dream Team" Dr Pepper, othopeadic surgeon along with Dr Larsen, anesthesiolgist to put her back together.  After a 1 hour surgery, 180 degree tear and 5 anchors she was now beginning her 4 month recovery.   4 weeks in a sling and afterwards physical therapy for 10 weeks.  It was discovered that she had what is called a "Buford Complex".  A deformity in the labram.  Thanks to Dr Pepper for knowing how to treat and repair this properly.   She is one tough cookie!  Our "one armed" Megan was back to school on Monday and back to her apartment on her own on Thursday.  I think that was harder on "Mom" than on Megan.  But, she proving just how tough and committed she is to doing it on her own and being patient with the process so that she can  get back on the field.  

 Dr Larsen getting ready to do the block...
 Done...I'll drink a Coke to that!
Dr Pepper

Thumbs up...Ready to go home!

Balloons, Dairy Queen Blizzard (hot fudge & oreo), and BBF Jac were great medicine!

The smile lasted for a day in a half and then once the block wore completely off the smile went away for a couple of days :(

She is back to smiling!

There were many blessings and tender mercies that took place during this whole process.  It is apparent to the Peay family that the Lord is mindful and he is in charge.  Wonderful people have been put in our path to help Megan get the quick attention she needed to get her back on track.

Hang in there Megan...We Love You! 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Megan...19


Another year older and wiser...
Enjoy your last year of being a teenager!
 Ice cream anyone?

Thanks roomies for the sign, balloons,
rootbeer floats, friends & party!

 Landon and Megan
Dinner at Sizzler
Steak and French Fries...ummmm good!
A rootbeer float for the Birthday Girl...
Dad, Mom, Landon , Gpeay and Megan

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our "baby girl, baby sister & baby grand-daughter".