aka..."Peay Peoples"

All Together at Last!

Monday, August 29, 2011


August 26, 2011
BYU...Landon has arrived!

Home Away from Home...
Anyone home?...I'm here!
A bed fit for a King...
Landon and Rob...friend, brother and now Roomies!
Landon and Mom

August 19, 2011

UVU...Megan has arrived!

Standing outside at the entrance to the apartment
Home Away from Home...but...There's No Place Like HOME!

This is the place...a work in progress.

Both are settled in their temporary homes for the year.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kevin turns 50...

Welcome to the "50" Club!

Thanks Sigrid for crowning touch of "black frosting"!

Happy Birthday to an "extra" "special" husband and father.  May the year be fill with "good & plenty" of "paydays", "mounds" of "bliss" and Love.  Be grateful that your only 50 and not "100"..."snickers".  YOU "skor" high in our eyes.  Your "sympany" called family loves you to the "milky way" and beyond!!!!!
Landon, Josh, Kelli, Birthday Boy, Megan
missing: Matt & Hayley
We spent time in the Temple as a family and had dinner on the deck. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


JULY 31, 2011
Headed to U18 Softball Nationals
Normal, Illinois
For a Week of Adventure and Memories!

On our way...
 Are you kidding me?...Yes we ate the whole thing!
 A little lunch at Reggie's...an 8" loaded turkey sandwich for $1.99 was definatley the deal of the trip.
Meg and Jac having some fun at Walmart...

 Welcome to Heat and Humidity...

 Nauvoo was 2 1/2 hours from where we were staying.  So we gathered the team and off we went.  This was the highlight for Megan and I.
Our good friends the Hess'...serving in Nauvoo.  
 The Womens' Garden...
 Joseph & Emma

 Looking out over the Mississippi where the saints began their trek to Salt Lake City.
Carthage...the top window is where the Prophet Joseph Smith fell out and lost his life.
 Inside a room in the jail and looking out the window where the Prophets life ended.

 On the field...
Love the complimentary cookies at the Fairfield Marrriott.
 Dinner at Avanti's
More play time on the field...
 Ice Cream at Carl's...Thanks Dave... and the girls for winning the game.
On the Mound...

Movie Time...Smurf's

 Between games...
 Megan and her BIGGEST FAN...MOM

 Just finished the final game as the "STING"...
...tear, tear, tear!
Farewell Sting...it's been a great adventure!
 Home away from home for the week...
Navy Pier

 The Windy City...

"The Magnificent Mile"

now that's sayin it like it is!
 One Man Band

Our last dinner in Illinois...
Chicago style Pizza!
Yum, Yum!
Our final night...
 On plane heading home...
Exhausted...Yes...up since 4:30am (3:30am SLC time)
But wouldn't change a thing!
Megan and I had a wonderful, memorable week together. 
The future is bright!
STING...Thanks for all the memories.
Hugs & Loves to Kevin for letting me spend the week with Megan.
Love my BABY GIRL!
It's good to be home!