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All Together at Last!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Matt...24

Another year older...
and married!
Dinner at Sizzler
 with Family...
Dad & Mom
Josh & Kelli
G&G Jones
Doug & Teresa Folsom (in laws)
Happy Birthday Matt
We Love You!

Friday, March 25, 2011

U32 Homestead Retreat...

 We had a super activity at the Homestead in Midway with our Young Single Adults.

 The Bishopic all stayed a large home where we gathered as a ward.  We also had 20 rooms at the Homestead where the YA's all stayed.  We enjoy a fun friday night BBQing hambergers and hot dogs, served w/ chips, fruit, drinks and yummy dessert.  Afterwards we had a program: Get to know the Bishopric and wives.  Then "Let the Games begin" we played games galore that were going on in every part of the house.  Kevin gave in at midnight, I caved in at 1am, Megan followed at about 1:30am and  most everyone else kept going until 3am.

Breakfast was served at 8:30am...and YES "ALL" were up and ready to eat Mountain Man Breakfast Burrittos!  Yummy!

After breakfast everyone broke into teams and then the digital scavenger hunt began.  When time was up, we then gathered to see view each teams pictures.  After compiling the scores a team winner was named.

It was a fun weekend.  We laughed a lot and enjoyed getting to know each ward member as we did!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Senior Year...
A warm and sunny start in St George.

Viewmont vs Woods Cross
Jac (Sting teammate) pitching to Megan...
Flew out to Kelli (Sting teammate) in center.

The bat meets the ball for a double...sorry Jac!

Megan pitching to Jac for a single...sorry Meg!

An awesome swipe for the out at 1st

Uncle Don, Aunt Sharron & Mom

Uncle Don..Megan..Aunt Sharron

The team traveled together on the Le Bus. Stayed at the Quality Inn.  Played 5 games.  Laughed a lot, ate a lot and slept a little.  A fun start to a final season in high school.