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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's Halloween Time...

Happy Halloween

Wednesdays with Kenzlee..
My favorite day of the week...
I get to spend one on one time with this sweet little girl each week.
What a lucky Grandma I am!

Megan and the cousins in Utah county...
 Our Litte Lady Bug...
The Family...
Matt & Hayley

Josh, Kelli & Kenzlee
 Beware of the bug catcher...
Grandpa Jones
Aunt Carol
 The Witch...Grandma Jones
 Cousins...Minnie Mouse Mia & Lady Bug Kenzlee
Great-Grandma Jones and Mia
The witches house...just a sampling...there are witches everywhere inside and out!
Halloween night at G&G Jones...
It's tradtion-
Tortilla Soup w/cheese and fritos

The Witch has been delivering a pumpkin pie to our dear friends the Hadlows for over 20 years...
She still makes the pie, but the agreement is that they stop by and pick it up.


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The Smith's said...

Oakleigh keeps asking to go to the "witches house" ever since my parents took her last week! I will never forget her coming to our house when we were little! I love that she still dresses up!!