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Saturday, September 15, 2012


No shower is complete without a table full of food...

 And it was scrumptious!!!
 Grandma Peay, Megan, Monica, Kyler
 Aunt Cheri, Jackie, Kim and Cast
 Becca, Alisha
 McKell, Hayley, Aunt Sharron
 Kara, Ryder
Jeri, Aunt Carol, Linda 

 Aunt Cheri always gives the bride a silky nighty.
 It could happen...
 Favorite part for the groom to be...
"Kissing out the Bows"
 Aunt Connie
 Jody (Sharlee's mom), Jackie, Paige

 Sharlee's sisters

 All the little helpers...
 Karrie, Ashley
 Aunt Bonnie
 Whitney, Kelli

With tight schedules for Sharlee and Landon...we combined efforts for a Jones/Peay Shower.

Thanks to:
Grandma Jones, Aunt Cathy, Aunt Bonnie.
Aunt Connie, Aunt Cheri and Grandma Peay
for all of the yummy food.

And "Thanks" to all of our family for the wonderful out pouring of "Love and Gifts" to help these 2 college students begin their life together! 

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